As Data Detectives ,we believe math will unlock the secrets to the universe and that data holds the clues.  Our philosophy of success is held by these pillars of excellence:

  1. Client Focus

  2. Results Driven

  3. Transparency

  4. Fairness

  5. Ethics


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Jason Richards, Lead Detective


What can a data consultant do?

Data consulting can have benefits in two business areas: efficiency and optimization. From an optimization standpoint, a consultant can use data to find patterns in your practices that can be exploited for profit or used to optimize business operations. Often data consulting will use a client’s data to form statistical models and create visualizations that help a client to know what the next steps should be in their organization. From an efficiency standpoint, a data consultant can utilize cloud storage to convert capital costs to operational costs while maintaining security, consistency, availability and redundancy.

What does a project cost?

The Data Detective provides a free introductory consultation to go over the project that you would like for your business or organization. The project itself requires a few steps to deployment. 1. Initial Consult 2. Information Gathering (internal, external, etc..) 3. Proof of Concept 4. Dev/Test 5. Deployment 6. Maintain The Data Detective does not charge by the hour, but instead charges by the project. This means you get your work back in the quickest and most effective methods. In some cases (BI services), we charge a monthly fee that covers all matters of the project.

What makes The Data Detective different?

We are a small business. We understand the hard work ethic and persistence it takes in owning and operating a small business and that is who we want to help most. Our team typically handles only one 'case' at a time, ensuring that your project has our focus. We also have a certified trainer on staff to ensure that your team has the knowledge to maximize the use of the new tools or services that are implemented.

Do you have some samples I can view?

Absolutely! Our Portfolio page has some examples of how Machine Learning can solve some common (and not so common) topics. There are a wide range of samples available. Note that as per non-disclosure, none of these projects represent a specific client or client solution. The data used for these projects is publicly available.

What cloud services should I choose?

That is one of the amazing benefits of migrating to the cloud, they all can integrate with each other in some form or fashion. That is another benefit to having a consultant on hand. We know how to navigate the different offerings (Microsoft (Azure), AWS, Google Cloud) and can build the best solution.